Following Christ according to the NT pattern.

Discipleship Camp 2016

North Dakota Discipleship Camp 2016, which ran from August 14 to August 20, was a time of blessing and encouragement to the campers and teachers. Lives were touched, hearts were warmed, minds were challenged, and walks were strengthened.

The teachers during the week were Al Bulow, Caleb Bulow, James Haley, Jason Pettys, Ian Milbrath, Phil Kleymann, Lee Brainard, James Van Dine, John Bjorlie, and Ann Bjorlie. Their ministry covered a broad range of vital and practical subjects including how to study the Bible, interpretation of Scripture, a Christian worldview, discernment, eternal reward, faith, spiritual gifts, spiritual warfare, temptation and sin.

The kitchen was staffed by Brenda Scott, Esther Scott, Sandy George, and Tammy Kleymann, with cleanup being handled primarily by the campers. Musical accompaniment during praise & worship time was handled by Ian Milbrath on the guitar.



















Shout out to Sydney George for the great pics and the video.