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Discipleship Camp 2015

North Dakota Discipleship Camp 2015, which ran from August 9 to August 15, was a blessing to all who attended, both campers and teachers. A group of campers even made the long trek from Utah to attend. Hearts were touched, minds were sharpened, challenges were addressed, and strugglers were given biblical counsel. Despite the fact that it was a very warm week with several days of sweltering weather — and the old tabernacle only provided a little relief from the relentless heat — the campers sat attentively through all the sessions like troopers, taking notes and asking questions.

The teachers during the week were Darreld Scott, Al Bulow, Josh Kleymann, Jason Pettys, Ian Milbrath, Lee Brainard, and Nita Brainard. Their ministry covered a broad range of vital and practical subjects including God, Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Word of God, truth, the gospel, the church, roles in the church, knowing the will of God, the nature of man and the problem of sin, eternal security, LGBT, spiritual warfare, the flesh and the spirit, and purity and romance.

The kitchen was staffed by Brenda Scott, Connie Bulow, and Sandy George, with cleanup being handled primarily by the campers. Musical accompaniment during praise & worship time was handled by Sydney George on the piano and by both Caleb Harris and Ian Milbrath on the guitar.



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Discipleship Camp 2015
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