Following Christ according to the NT pattern.

Why Christianity?

Why should a man choose Christianity over Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, or any other religion? Why choose it over agnosticism, atheism, or satanism? Why choose it over pluralism, deism, or universalism? Why choose Christianity over living for self, living for fulfillment, or living for pleasure?

The following messages present convincing arguments for the uniqueness, truthfulness, and trustworthiness of the Christian message: that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, that Jesus is God manifest in flesh, that Jesus died on the cross as the payment for man’s sin, and that faith in Jesus is the only way of salvation.

May God help you to see the wonders, and beauties, and treasures that are to be found in Jesus Christ, the amazing God-man who is both the lowly carpenter from Nazareth and the eternal Son of God.


J. B. Nicholson — The Uniqueness of Christianity
(shortened video version)


J. B. Nicholson — The Uniqueness of Christianity
(full-length audio version)


J. B. Nicholson — The Greatest Thing in the World

Ravi Zacharias — Jesus Among Other Religions
(7.5 min. video)


Ravi Zacharias — How Do You Know That Christianity Is the One True Worldview?
(7 min. video)